We're glad you asked. While most shaved ice businesses either brand their product as a snow cone or shaved ice, we're a little bit different. We prefer to drop that "d" on the end of shaved and for you to call it, shave ice. If you've ever been to our Burlington Creek store, you've seen the brief history of shave ice. Read below to learn what a frozen block of ice has become today!


Shave Ice: A Brief History

It's not just shaved ice....

In fact, it's not shaved ice at all (and it's not a snow cone either). It's actually shave ice. In Hawaiian culture this is what's familiar and we're sticking to it. Shave Ice has existed since the sugar plantation days in the old Kingdom of Hawaii. It was brought to them from across the seas where the emperors of Japan first divulged in the treat. Shave Ice was made by bringing ice blocks down from the high snow covered mountains. The Japanese then used family swords to chop and shave it down into the delicious frozen dessert, known then as Kakigori. Obviously you won't find swords in our kitchens, but we're committed to bringing Kansas City the best shave ice east of the islands. No matter what you order at our windows, know that we are dedicated to bringing you the most authentic experience possible. We hope you enjoy our little taste of paradise. Aloha!